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With simple goals and unquestionable dedication, UNITED is storming into the market with clubs that are an excellent blend of affordable prices and superb quality.

With the mentality looking towards "designing a modern UK golf brand using the best possible materials and manufacturing processes", their first decision was pretty easy, cost should not be an influencing factor. Working with the best in the business allowed them to produce golf clubs that truly look amazing. For the United irons and wedges, it was not a hard choice when decided the on a 1 piece forging process which, in their opinion, is a fundamental requirement to producing golf clubs that not only perform, but also have a stunning feel, giving the golfer the feedback they deserve from every shot. Their second point was that they wanted to go a step further than the norm. They didn't just want a good looking golf club, they wanted a club that was stunningly beautiful, CNC milled to produce consistency and competes with the best in results and performance. Finally, they wanted their products to be accessible to all golfer, no matter what level of ability.

How it fits - A boutique supplier offer a with some fantastic new designs.  www.united-golf.com