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SK FIBER, has long been recognized by many of the world’s best clubmakers, equipment manufactures and golfers as the manufacturer of the most consistent graphite shafts in the industry.

“We are passionate about golf and believe we are doing our part to help golfers play better by providing high quality golf shafts at affordable prices,” said Charles Blume owner of SK Fiber Golf. He added, “A golf club that is professionally built to fit the body type and swing characteristics of the golfer will outperform off the rack equipment eight out of ten times.

It’s a win-win for all of us!” SK FIBER’s leading edge design technology, Specialized Kinetic fiber composite material and extreme attention to quality control assures technically advanced golf shafts that deliver consistent performance for exceptional control and added distance.

How it fits - Charlie Blume is not just a supplier but a good friend and we work with him as he develops the most cost effective high quality graphite shaft on the market, it works we have been fitting for years. www.skfiber.com